The idea behind

From the moment in 1998 when I saw the first panorama made with apples QuickTime VR Authoring Studio I am excited about it. Since then I've produced panos for private use and for business clients. The last years with krpano - for me the most versatile framework for creating panoramas. But despite its fascinating effects it has never been easy to sell panos to companies. They want to improve their business, stick in the mind of their clients, sell their products and they don't want to be dependent of software developers when it comes to PR and marketing. Common remarks or questions of the marketing department are:

  • „Very nice but what can we do with it except of showing our location?“
  • „How can we develop business with it? „
  • „How can we tell storys about our company and products?“
  • „It is nice to show our location but we need to communicate like on our website. Is that possible?“

Yes, there are some solutions for that but not realy satisfying and sometimes expensive: Embedding the pano in a website is the most common one. But the informations are separate from the pano. When you see the pano on fullscreen mode you won't see the informations and when you show both, the pano is shown small and sorrounded by the other content. By then it loses its fascinating visual effect.

Another solution is to include the information in XML or via scripting languages. Then you have to know about programming (when not working with software like panotour pro). That has limitations in design, costs time and only the producer of the pano can make changes.

Sometimes I didn't get the the job because these solutions weren't good enough for my clients marketing department or to expensive. They wanted to do a lot more and by themselve.

So how would it be, if there were a CMS that let clients and photographers put in and work on content inside a panorama by themselve? Easy, quick and without programming skills? That was my question one day. We already had developed a game solution for krpano panoramas and so the idea of developing this CMS for krpano projects started to grow.

That was a year ago. Now we have the first release of and I want to introduce it to you. More ideas await their implementation. But in our opinion it's an outstanding tool already to improve the use of panoramas as a means of communication. A new and innovative way of communication.

It gives the opportunity of telling stories with krpano panoramas in a content management system. Stories about the shown location and its people. And that was our goal:

Show your world – tell your story – make it an unforgetable experience

Thats possible with

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As more as we've worked on, the more we were thrilled by the idea of it as an valuable building block for krpano in it's role in the world of panos and virtual tours. 

For google's street view project is growing fast but has no satisfying business model for the (professional) street view photographers in our opinion it is important to have a good counterweight with more possibilities in creating high quality panos. And, for those who are making a living out of that, having good arguments to get a fair equivalent for their work. And that is exactly what krpano allows it's user to do. And for them we think is a valuable supplement.

So we came to the point were we thought about developing not only for personal purpose but to open it for everyone who want's to use it.

But we need some help. So if you find helpful and worth to support it, we appreciate your feedback. What do you think about it, what functions are good, what could be better, what functions would you like to have. We can't promise to realize every idea, but we'll prove every idea and do our best.

What is not? is a online based Content Management System for krpano projects. It doesn't create panoramas. It's neither a panorama stitcher nor a virtual tour maker. That you can do with krpano or you use software like kolor's panotour pro. Rather it helps you to make panos unique communication tools without programming knowledge.